Of June and a birthday

It’s June, And I’ve been thinking if the sky is as warm as the sun, I keep on wondering about how hot the pavement would be if I step barefoot onto it, How better it would be if I were on a road trip to some mountain. I keep on admiring sienna, So much so... Continue Reading →

This city's been running around, and I don't like to chase. I don't like to chase, and I don't like to fall. but I do like to love, bits of trees, like their leaves. But I like autumn leaves, the fallen ones? Know them? I like to love the fact that something miserable could be... Continue Reading →

While the owls were playing Beethoven’s symphony, I lay in a tea cup sipping another cup of coffee, Thinking about how this world has changed from being magical to real, How the stories have become obsession, A cry for someone to help me wipe the rivers, For waters aren’t something that’d lure me to cross... Continue Reading →

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